P & M Single Malt 7 years


P & M Single Malt 7 years (Aged in White & Muscat wine casks) 42% 700ml

The single malt P & M is distinguished by its soft flavors exalted by the flavors of the Corsican maquis.
Maturation obtained by the oak barrels passage of “Domaine Gentile”, having previously contained the white wines and muscat, bring to Single Malt P & M unique taste magnified by the tannins of these exceptional terroirs.
First Single Malt Corsica, he claims that he draws its origins in the wonderful island nature globally recognized as a wild land free of pollution.
NOSE: Powerful and fruity, with candied orange notes, ripe arbutus berries and honey.
MOUTH: vanilla and caramel salted butter are also present with smoky aromas


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