Larmandier-Bernier Rose De Saignee Premier Cru

Larmandier-Bernier Rose De Saignee Premier Cru


Larmandier-Bernier Rose De Saignee Premier Cru

Rosé de saignée: in Champagne, most rosés are made by blending white wine with a little red wine from Champagne (Coteaux Champenois appellation). A rosé de saignée, on the other hand, is made by directly macerating Pinot Noirs. This method of vinification is more demanding and requires grapes with an excellent degree of maturity. This is the real rosé.

“Larmandier-Bernier’s NV Extra Brut Rose de Saignee is one of the most profound wines I encountered in my tastings. The color resembles the tonality of blood orange juice. This is a powerful wine that flows onto the palate with an expression of bright red fruit that recalls the wines of Chambolle in its luxuriousness, but is backed up with serious structure. This compelling, totally seductive wine possesses awesome richness and vibrancy, with layers of aromas and flavors that continue to develop in the glass all the way through to the long, intensely satisfying finish.” Larmandier-Bernier


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