Jacquesson Cuvee 736 NV

Jacquesson Cuvee 739 NV


Jacquesson Cuvee 739 NV

Every year in Champagne non-vintage blends are created using wines of the same vintage from many different parcels, to which are added the vins de réserve, wines from previous vintages which have been kept in cuves for several years. At Jacquesson, we believe that what matters is that the best of each harvest is accentuated and celebrated, rather than denying that one year is different to the next. Thus, we number our Cuvées, to date them and to highlight the
distinct personality of each Cuvée.

A beautifully linear and chiselled champagne of brilliant mineral presence and fresh lemon acidity, finishing very long, never hard, with structure seamlessly entwined with lingering citrus and stone fruits.


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