Domaine Dupre Bourgogne 2011

Domaine Dupre Bourgogne 2015


Domaine Dupre Bourgogne 2015

In 1987, Jean-Christophe Dupré took over the family business. Gradually,his focus turned to the family’s 3 hectares of vineyards. In 1992, his brother, Vincent, joined the business and today the domain extends across 18 hectares. They carry out all the tasks required for a successful business, whilst satisfying their commitment to respecting the soil.This is a Burgundy Pinot Noir which is recognised by its aromas of black fruits and its robust and tannic character. This is as a result by yield control, in particular by weeding (this also limits erosion) and by typical Mâconnais-style pruning (bending a long cane
into an arc shape).


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