Nomad Secunda Pils


Nomad Secunda Pils:

STYLE: Aussie whole hop flower PILS
Colour: Amber
ABV: 5.7%

American brewing legend Bill Covaleski of Victory Brewing Co. joined us in May 2015 for a collaboration beer and he was open to any ideas. We asked him if he could share some thoughts and knowledge about his own brewery and specifically enlighten us about Prima Pils, such a heavenly drop! We then decided together to brew a Pilsner here at Nomad in a similar fashion to Prima Pils but using only Australian hops, in the whole cone form (flowers) just like they do at Victory. The name is Secunda Pils ( prima means first in Latin, secunda means second) and the result is a perfect connection between brewers from opposite sides of the world focusing and re-interpreting a classic style of beer.
The brewing system and piping at Nomad isn’t specifically designed for the use of whole flower hops, which resulted in some clogging, swearing and fear of the beer turning out well… But Secunda Pils is tasting amazing and in the end it was a very fun day with Bill brewing it.

Pilsner is one of the youngest yet most popular beer styles in the world. It was originally brewed in Plzen, Czech Republic in 1842 and was an immediate hit. Many breweries have recreated the beer and used the name pilsner, which is the name of the brewery where it was originally brewed (Pilsner Urquell), to describe the style.
Interestingly, the water we receive here in Brookvale is quite similar to the water of Pilsen, which is very light in calcium and other minerals typically resulting in a crisp, clean and light bodied beer.
The Australian hops stand out as very clean and not far from their German and Czech counterparts but with a recognisable southern hemisphere touch with hints of grass and slight stonefruit. Not your typical PILS!,



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