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Domaine Langlois Saumur Blanc 2018 Loire Valley


Saumur is a region of the Loire Valley that among other grapes produces Chenin Blanc, and I will be honest…this is really good! Usually I am a fan of Australian Chenin as it often presents as bigger and brighter than the French Chenin. Not this time, the Saumur Blanc offered wonderful fresh pineapple and apple notes on the nose and palate, with really soft chalky textures that create this wonderful mouthfeel. The wine just keeps going and going down the palate, leaving you wanting for another mouthful.

A beautiful wine, great for Summer. If you do not know Chenin Blanc, then I would suggest this one to get you started.


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Domaine Langlois


France, Loire Valley


$20 – $50


Chenin Blanc, Import French White


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